Why AK-Global Solutions?

Experience:  We have experience in managing operations in the US
as well as in India. We understand the business environment on both

Management:  We can align and/or manage non-core activities of
an operation allowing the client to effectively focus and grow their
core competencies.

Time Savings:  We save you time out of non-core activities which
can then be better used in your core competencies.

Talent Pool:  Strategic alliance allows our client to expand their
critical talent pool.

Global Perspective:  AKGS will search for global best practices.  
Consider us as your conduit into new markets.


AKGS Focus:

1)   Market Expansion:  Work with those companies that are looking
for market expansion across continents, specifically between USA and
India, and assist in providing strategic alliances between
complementary companies.

2)   Energy:  Nuclear and Biofuels.

  • Nuclear: Develop strategic alliances between USA and India.
  • Bio-fuels: Promote companies in production of Biofuels.  
    Explore and Manage “biomass” stock supplies to bio-fuel plants
    within U.S.A.

3)   Cost Reductions:  Work with client to look for ways to reduce
costs while still improving their work processes to improve profit

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