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Forest Biomass

The South is endowed with a rich forestland base and favorable
phys biographical conditions for growing biomass. According to
Gan and Smith and Gan, the U.S. South is a logging-residue rich
region, accounting for about 50 percent of the total national

Biomass — derived from wood, switch grass and agricultural
residue, to name only a few sources — offers great potential,
particularly to Alabama, as a renewable energy source.   
Alabama is well suited to biomass production.  Alabama abounds
in many types of biomass sources, particularly forestry biomass
and agricultural by-products. Because of its warm climate, it also
is especially well suited for growing switch grass, considered an
especially promising biomass source. Because of Alabama’s vast
potential, it, along with other southern states, often is described
as the Middle East of biomass energy.

AKGS will work with research institutions to support new
technologies for forest production, biomass harvesting and
transportation, and energy conservation.

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, AKGS is well positioned within
this heartland of biomass and is proud to be part of a “new era of
energy independence”.  Sustainable business model of
bioenergy requires a sustainable supply of feedstock, cost
effectively that is environment friendly.  AKGS will work directly
with mills, farmers, and biomass warehouses to bring the most
cost effective biomass stock to Bio
-fuels manufacturing
refineries. Her mission is to be “The Biomass Supplier of