Our Vision:

According to US Bureau data, in 2007, world economy was $ 64
trillion US dollars. Based on limited research, we project the world
will likely experience doubling of world economy to well over $ 120
trillions (US Dollars) in next fifteen years.  It is exciting and
unprecedented in that the “new” created wealth alone, during the
next 15 years, will equal an economy of the past thus far.  

Pessimists will declare this is the world of turmoil and will cast fear
on people’s mind.  We believe this new wealth will offer unforeseen
global opportunities never seen before by mankind.   Increasing
global consumer demand will challenge the conventional US wisdom
and drive innovations to highest level never experienced before.  
Companies across continents will search for strategic business
partnerships to improve their sales and profit margins.  Growing
energy demand irrespective of price of barrel of oil will encourage
entrepreneurs like T. Boone Pickens and Vinod Khosla to drive for
alternative energy options.  US with its abundant “wind” corridors in
Middle America spanning from Texas to southern Canadian boarder
and “Biomass” resources in southeastern region will offer new
opportunities to investors in bioenergy manufacturing sector.

We envision local companies will re-evaluate their traditional models
and will look for new business models in this new “unprecedented
global economy”.

Eastern Europe, China, India, and South East Asia will aspire to
become consumers like their counterparts in western bloc.  As a
consequence, world economy will intertwine like never before in
history and the consumer will benefit from the best quality at the
lowest prices.  

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